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Our Projects

The Perth Foundation for Women provides support to a variety of projects to help women and girls in need . We work hand in hand with the  Zonta Club of Perth  at local, district and international levels to end violence against women and empower women and girls worldwide through activities such as the Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women and Zonta Says NOW to gender equality and climate action advocacy campaigns, service projects and awards. Below are some information about some of these projects.

Helping Perth's Homeless Women

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on all aspects of our lives. One of the most concerning consequences of the pandemic has been the sharp increase in domestic violence and homelessness among women. The closure of many support services and community programs has made it more difficult for women to seek help when they need it. Moreover, the economic downturn caused by the pandemic has made it more difficult for women to escape abusive relationships or find safe and affordable housing.

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'Welcome Packs'
for the My Home Project

The “My Home” initiative is an immediate response to provide housing for people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The Perth Foundation for Women supports this project through the provision of care packages to women at risk of, or experiencing homelessness.

Donation Boxes

Donated Goods for Women in RUAH Safe Night Space

The Perth Foundation for Women supports the RUAH safe night spaces by donating new and used items to homeless women that seek shelter in these facilities  

Items we donate:

  • Clothing

  • Personal care products


Supporting Local Communities 


Cultural Connections Innitiative

Launched by the Zonta House Refuge, this program aims to promote cultural awareness, understanding, and respect by providing opportunities for staff, clients, and the wider community to learn about different cultures and celebrate diversity.

Through this program, Aboriginal Controlled Community Organisations, community members and business owners will work with participants to provide culturally developed and culturally implemented workshops that reflect unique cultural practices, knowledge systems, and cultural expressions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. These workshops aim to increase cultural awareness, knowledge, and understanding, and promote a sense of pride and connection to culture


Women Laughing on Couch

Want to Collaborate with us on a Project?



Look into the scholarships offered through the Perth Foundation for Women. Are you eligible?

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